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WESTEC SECURITY is a private security organization, which has been in operation since 1995.

WESTEC Security distinguishably stands out in the rapidly growing security industry. We are currently in relationship with major organizations, catering for the various security needs of numerous clients in the residential, commercial, industrial, financial and mining sectors.

WESTEC Security as a matter of principle is totally committed to ensuring that safety policies are adhered to by its guards as well as prospective clients and their employees. It is an undisputed fact that inappropriate security measures lead to crime in the working environment and should not be tolerated at any level. We shall therefore endeavor to meet all your needs pertaining to professional security and safety procedures.

Our priority is to provide the very best in security services thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

One thing we would like to bring to your attention is that, as crime, fire, vandalism, internal theft and other security-related losses continue to spell disaster for thousands of businesses nationwide, a well planned cost effective security programme can play a major role in protecting the very life of your business. Implementing proper security measures will eliminate the potential liabilities associated with the daily running of your business.

Our security operations will be designed to cover the staff, property, assets, equipment and the reputation of the Company. This responsibility will not be limited to the assets and employees, but also to non-employees and guests who are invited to the premises.

WESTEC SECURITY SYSTEMS will be actively involved in the educational service, whereby new and current employees will be educated on how to determine the level of protection thus eliminating risk.

To provide an excellent security service to the client throughout the contract period.
To train and retrain additional men for the assignment in the event of illness, thus preventing absence from the premises at any given period. To pay salary and other incentives to our security officers thus attracting only professionally minded persons.

Telephone: 2330302248845, 0302245338, 0302245638
Fax line: 0302248849
P. O. Box CT 2775 Cantoments
  Accra - Ghana
  Location : Ring Road Central
  Adjacent to Bus Stup Restaurant